Monette Olivera-Pangan

Artist and Doll Maker

I create images in both traditional and digital formats. I've done illustrations for corporate use but telling stories with paint, thread, or whatever medium is available is what gives me real joy. 

Recently, I rediscovered dolls in all forms: art dolls, BJDs, dolls that are stuffed, dolls that are sculpted, rescued and refurbished dolls. Images of them fill my Pinterest boards.

I also realized that doll-making allows me to explore all sorts of disciplines. It involves sculpting and painting, sewing by hand and machine. There's beadwork and embroidery, and even wig-making! I'm making tiny shoes and slippers. Some dolls require a piece of furniture or two. The challenges are at once intimidating and wonderful. 

More importantly for me, is that every doll can tell a story. My goal is to be able to tell stories that bring back cherished memories or to put smiles in the hearts and faces of those who see my dolls.

 Thank you for dropping by!

All images © Monette Pangan 2018, All rights reserved.